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CLOTHIM 1.0 for M3 CLOTHIM 1.0 for M3
Price: $39.95
You Save 20%: $8.00 through 03/31/2018

PC Only
Filesize: 25.03 MB

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CLOTHIM 1.0 for M3, software for PC

CLOTHIM 1.0 gives you always fitting photorealistic clothes for your digital man.
Clothes from CLOTHIM 1.0 fits for all skin textures and poses you have.
CLOTHIM 1.0 gives you a possibility to use photorealistic clothes textures on your favourite skin texture without necessity to use or have advanced graphical programs and without losing your precious time.
Now only few mouse clicks divides you from having texture combining your favourite skin texture with beautiful photorealistic high quality clothes from CLOTHIM 1.0 ready to use on your M3 figure.
What is even more important thanks to CLOTHIM 1.0 you can easy MIX and MATCH all available clothes textures or move clothes parts up or down without any problems. Even if you want to have underpants on the top of the jeans.
If we didn't convince you yet, we have few surprises for you:
We added to CLOTHIM 1.0 two special functions - HUE & SATURATION.
That mean you can easy change the colour of each available coloured(*) clothes texture.
That is true!
Now you have over a hundred thousand colour possibilities for each coloured(*) clothes part.
Look on the second promotional picture.
Our photorealistic clothes textures have shadows for natural look.
If you are still not sure you can download demo version of CLOTHIM 1.0 from our site

EYER 1.0 for V3/M3 (Standard Edition)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

This version of CLOTHIM 1.0 for M3 contains clothes textures as follow:
- One pair of dark blue jeans, good for work, for picnic and for party
- Cotton T-shirt with green short sleeves, ideal for summer
- Warm, dark, woolen, sleeveless sweater with light pattern in front. You can put it on the top of other clothes if the weather is unsure and you don't want to be frozen
- Elegant, blue shirt with dark blue tie, ideal for work. Looks good with the jeans and with the sweater on the top for more informal occasions
- Cotton, boxer shorts made from chequered cloth - very elegant and comfortable
- Light blue underpants with delicate pattern, good for all occasions
- Gray, cotton undershirt - very comfortable and ideal under shirt
- Warm, dark brown, long socks. Ideal for all sport activities. Looks great with jeans and T-shirt
- Elegant, dark blue socks. Fits for shirt with a tie
- Light blue swim pants.

All clothes textures are high resolution 3000 x 4000 pixels.
Textures based on high quality photos made by ZEW so you won't find its anywhere else.

Additionally you receive Extension Pack for CLOTHIM containing:
- Back tattoo,
- Torso tattoo,
- Hip tattoo,
- Left arm tattoo,
- Right arm tattoo.

All tattoos are brand-new, high quality and ready to use with all skin textures and all poses.

Now additionally you receive Extension Pack2 for CLOTHIM containing:
- Top,
- Tank top,
- Tank top2,
- Sweatshirt,
- Pants.

Now CLOTHIM 1.0, contains three additional BONUS plug-ins:
- Bump Plug-In for CLOTHIM generates bump for each clothes and for the skin,
- Colors Plug-In for CLOTHIM gives you endless colours possibilities with advanced colour functions,
- Shine Plug-In for CLOTHIM lets you specify shine map and shine strength for each item and for the skin.

CLOTHIM 1.0 work with all resolutions skin textures. CLOTHIM 1.0 application automatically convert clothes textures to the skin texture resolution, so you don't have to worry if your skin texture have other resolution.

CLOTHIM 1.0 can co-operate whit Poser 4 or Poser 5 in Real-time, so you don't have to close Poser to change clothes configuration.

CLOTHIM 1.0 helps you find Poser version and skin texture automatically.
Easy to use intuitive graphical user interface and automatically search functions made work with application as easy as possible.
In illustrated User Guide you will find all important information, advices and Step by Step Tutorial.

CLOTHIM 1.0 was create for Michael 3, but you can use it with other Unimesh figures (with similar templates).

You can download free clothes for CLOTHIM 1.0 from our web site.
- "Free clothes for CLOTHIM" (44)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS" (25)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS 2" (14)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS 3" (10)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS 4" (8)
- "Free-Stuff MADNESS 5" (10)

Check this links if you want to know more about plug-ins:
- "Bump for CLOTHIM"
- "Colors for CLOTHIM"
- "Shine for CLOTHIM"
- "News for CLOTHIM"

Please take a look at our tutorials:
- "CLOTHIM with DAZ Studio"
- "CLOTHIM with Poser5"
- "Bump for CLOTHIM"
- "Colors for CLOTHIM"
- "Shine for CLOTHIM"


Casuals Pack1 for CLOTHIM BadBoy Pack1 for CLOTHIM Costumes Pack1 for CLOTHIM "Science Fiction" Casuals Pack2 for CLOTHIM BadBoy Pack2 for CLOTHIM Tattoos Pack1 for CLOTHIM Casuals Pack3 for CLOTHIM "Magic Shirt" Casuals Pack4 for CLOTHIM Fantasy Pack1 for CLOTHIM Tattoos Pack2 for CLOTHIM BadBoy Pack3 for CLOTHIM Costumes Pack2 for CLOTHIM Tattoos Pack3 for CLOTHIM Casuals Pack5 for CLOTHIM Costumes Pack3 for CLOTHIM BadBoy Pack4 for CLOTHIM Sexy Pack1 for CLOTHIM Bruises Pack1 for CLOTHIM Casuals Pack6 for CLOTHIM SkinMarks Pack1 for CLOTHIM Injuries Pack1 for CLOTHIM Injuries Pack2 for CLOTHIM Medical Pack1 for CLOTHIM Tattoos Pack4 for CLOTHIM Casuals Pack7 for CLOTHIM Sexy Pack2 for CLOTHIM Casuals Pack8 for CLOTHIM

- Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
- 350 MHz Pentium class or compatible
- 64 MB system RAM (if running Windows 98 or ME)
- 128 MB system RAM (if running Windows 2000 or XP)
- 32 bit colour display
- 25 MB hard drive space (for ZEW CLOTHIM installation only). Content requires additional space.
- An Internet connection is required to downloading free content from
- Poser 4 or better
- DAZ Michael 3 (or other Unimesh Figure)
- Acrobat Reader (for USER GUIDE)

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